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I’ve stopped posting on this blog.  It had formerly been my everything music blog.  However, I recently got my laptop stolen and in turn lost all my music.  

So, now I need to find a new use for this blog.  However, I still have another blog,  I use that one much much more.  So check that instead.

This has been an update.

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For me, 21 by Adele is one of the best albums of the last year and of well anytime.  It took me a little time to warm up to this album but once I fell in love with it, I fell in love with it for good.  I don’t think I have to convince anyone that Adele is one of the best singers you can think of.  I mean, no one can sing like this girl.  No one has heart like this girl.  

My roommate once told me that all the songs are about the same thing (of course this wasn’t really a complaint on her part, just something she noticed).  It’s true.  All the songs are about the one that got away or the guy who broke her heart.  It’s not a new topic.  It’s something that’s been sung about forever but not everyone can make it feel like this.  I don’t even know how many songs on this album can make me cry.  It’s probably most of them.  For a song to be able to make you cry, the person has to feel it when they’re singing it.  They have to really feel it in order to make you feel it.

Adele is fantastic and wonderful and definitely one of the greatest singers of our time. 

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If there were any album that would define my childhood, it would have to be this one.  Of course, this is entirely due to the fact that I have an older sister.  I remember listening to this cd in the car as we drove to the mall or the doctor’s office.  I forgot about it for a while but rediscovered it a couple of years ago.  

I remember when all of my roommates (who I miss so much right now) and I got really into this album and would listen to Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You and That Thing over and over again.  To me, this album is so meaningful and not just because I have sentimental value attached to it.  Everyone of the songs just feels very real, like I can understand where it was coming from and to me, that’s so important in music.  

That’s all I can write for now.  I’m on a new adventure which you will be able to read about on 

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I am aware that number 9 on my list of most perfect albums is a bit controversial.  Especially considering that I went back and forth on it several times.  When it came down to it, I just had to pick it.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy—Kanye West.


This is the album that got my into Kanye.  This was the first one that I really listened to all the way through and I was sold after one listen.  Honestly, I was sold after I first heard Monster.  

The reason why I wasn’t sure if I wanted this album on my list was because I don’t know if it’s the best Kanye album.  It was definitely one of the best albums of last year but sometimes I think that I like Graduation more.  The more I thought about it though, I realized that there’s just something about this album that cannot be ignored.  Maybe it’s all the other artist that he collaborates with, maybe it’s just because how great the song Monster is.  I don’t know.  I just know that there’s something about this album that I love, from beginning to end.  I won’t say that it’s a great album for its genre because it’s more than that.  It’s just a great album, in all categories.

I think I’ve made it obvious that Monster is my favorite song but of course, Power, All of the Lights, and Runaway are close seconds.  

It’s hard for me to recommend this album to everyone but if you every want to expand your musical taste, take a listen.    

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Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) - Death Cab for Cutie

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500 days of summer soundtrack.

I’m not sure if it’s cheating, using a soundtrack rather than an album by one artist.  However, this has to be my favorite soundtrack.  I’m not entirely sure if I love this movie and soundtrack because I genuinely think it’s incredible or if my love for Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is clouding my judgement.  I just happen to believe that if you don’t think this movie and soundtrack is incredible, then something must be seriously wrong with you.

I don’t know how this soundtrack could get any better.   Regina Spektor, The Smiths, Hall & Oates.  I can easily imagine every scene as I listen to each song.  Even just as a compilation, the songs fit so well together, perfect from beginning to end.

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Strange Mercy by St. Vincent comes in number 10 on my list of most perfect albums.  I know I wrote about this album fairly recently (towards the beginning of the semester when it came out) but I’ll just repeat some of what I said then.  This is definitely St. Vincent’s best album and it’s definitely one of the best albums of the year.  

For St. Vincent, I think it perfectly blends her songwriting abilities with her obvious love of the electronic.  I feel like I could listen to all of these songs as acoustic versions and still love them; they wouldn’t lose any of their meaning or power.  But I can also listen to them highly produced and get the same feeling.  The electronic features of this album are not annoying and not overbearing.  

At first, I was a little unsure on whether or not to include this on my list.  There were a couple of sons that I just felt so-so about but when I listened to this album last night, I changed my mind.  I really do think this album works from beginning to end, quite perfectly.  

I’m excited to see what St. Vincent does next but for me, this will always be her most perfect album.

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